Interview with Levi Riven (Leaving the Fold) in the “Journal de Montréal”

Levi Riven smiling

Journalist Émilie Dubreuil met with Levi Riven, one of the main characters in Leaving the Fold has now completed his doctorate in psychology. Here is her interview with him for Le Journal de Montréal:

Big Brother to Those who have Left the Fold

After participating in Leaving the Fold, a documentary made in 2010 by Montrealer Éric Scott about those who have abandoned the Hasidic world in Israel, the United States and here, Levi has made it his duty to answer the many questions people ask who are curious about his journey. Considering a wave of desertions provoked by the Internet, he sees himself as a trailblazer who can help other young people like him. “I see myself a little like a big brother for those who decide to get out of the Hasidic world. It’s difficult.

– Émilie Dubreuil – April 14, 2012 – Le Journal de Montréal (loose translation) –

▸ The entire article in French is available here online.