A Fresh Look at Outremont Tensions

Janice Arnold, a regular contributor to The Canadian Jewish News, published this week a fairly detailed account of the launch screening for Outremont and the Hasidim, highlighting both the current issues and the main characters in the film:

New documentary takes fresh look at Outremont tensions

In Outremont and the Hasidim, Hasidim and French-Canadian neighbours talk frankly and thoughtfully about their relationship. Scott, who is neither seen nor heard, avoids stereotyping and draws no conclusions on who is right and who is wrong. The 52-minute film does convey that change for the better is happening in the borough. That Scott was able to get people to speak on camera about how they feel suggests attitudes are evolving and harmonious co-existence is possible.

– Janice Arnold – June 6, 2019 – The Canadian Jewish News

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