Documenting Restitution in Poland

Eric R. Scott photographié par The Gazette

Although the project is still in the early development stages, it interested Bill Brownstein, arts columnist for the Montreal Gazette, who published this article after meeting Eric Scott and discussing his work.

Montreal director Eric Scott heads to Poland for Restitution

For his next film, Scott will soon be heading off to Poland to tackle one of the thorniest issues still unresolved from the Second World War. That would be the issue of restitution for those whose homes, lands and businesses were taken from them by the Nazis and their henchmen during the war. (…) Restitution will examine the plight of those seeking to be compensated for what was taken away from them during the Second World War. But it will also delve into varying philosophical issues on the subject.

– Bill Brownstein – October 6, 2014 – The Montreal Gazette

▸ The entire article is available here online.