Les autres sionistes - Affiche (DVD)

The Other Zionists

This is the story of Israeli women who willingly put themselves in danger every day at military checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank in order to oppose their government’s policy towards ordinary Palestinians.

Ronnee Jaeger, a Jewish Canadian but also a citizen of Israel, serves as our guide. She is the founder of Maksom Watch (or Checkpoint Watch), an organization whose mission is to safeguard the human rights of Palestinian civilians who daily attempt to cross the hundreds of checkpoints in the West Bank, always under the suspicious eyes of Israeli soldiers.

Only Israeli women are involved in this humanitarian organization because Israeli men tend to get into fights with the soldiers.

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This film bears witness to the daily humiliations suffered by the Palestinians, often in the rain, or heat or dust. Sometimes, the Palestinians get angry at the tense situation at the checkpoints which lends itself to violence. Nonetheless, Ronnee and the women of Maksom Watch try to ease the uncomfortable atmosphere, sometimes with positive results.

Filmed in 2004, The Other Zionists has not lost its relevance. Sixteen years later, the Occupation continues. Israeli settlements keep growing and Palestinians in the West Bank still remain under the control of the Israeli military. But the Maksom Watch activists are still there, too, ready to break the silence…

Technical Summary
Production Company: Productions des Quatre Jeudis
Year: 2004
Length: 52 min.
Director: Eric R. Scott
Producer: Eric R. Scott
DOP: Jacques Desharnais
Editing: Denise Beaudoin
Sound Mixing: Glenn Hodgins
Original Music:: Chris Crilly
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