Review of “Leaving the Fold” by Bill Brownstein (The Gazette)

Leaving the fold (ouverture)

The Montreal Gazette published a very good review of Eric Scott’s 2008 film, “Leaving the Fold”, praising his balanced approach and perspective:

Leaving The Fold is an eye-opening experience

Eric Scott’s documentary Leaving the Fold — playing today at the film fest before opening a commercial run at the Parc next week — offers a fascinating and rare peek into a world most outsiders have never been able to penetrate. Scott chronicles the journey of five ultra-or-thodox Jews who have left the fold and who speak candidly of the consequences for so doing. (…) But Leaving the Fold is not some anti-fundamentalist rant. This is no black and white situation_ There is, mercifully, much shading. To director Scott’s credit, he also presents the other side.

– Bill Brownstein – 29 août 2008 – The Montreal Gazette

▸ A copy of this article is available here online.