Leaving the Fold*

*Directed by Eric R. Scott, this film was produced by Films Bunburry and Media Ontic.

Leaving the Fold is a documentary about five young people born and raised in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world who no longer wish to remain there. As children they grew up in a closed society where deviation from the rules is often punishable by ostracism, intimidation or worse. As young adults they pay a steep price for abandoning their parents and community to seek the freedom to make their own choices.

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From the Hasidic enclaves of Montreal, Brooklyn and Jerusalem come stories of conflict, struggle and coercion. Tinged with pain and unexpected humour, Leaving the Fold reveals the processes by which our five young people emerged from a strictly controlled society in order to make a living in a sometimes confusing secular world that offers them endless choices – What should i wear? What will I become? Who am I going to marry? Before, everything was pre-arranged f. Now they have to decide for themselves.

Finding the courage to leave the fold is only the first challenge for most of these young people. Those who decide to take this step become pariahs, often completely cut off from the emotional and financial support of their families.

Ultimately, Leaving the Fold is a film about complex, spiritual journeys in the opposite direction, from the constraints and the strange beauty of religious fundamentalism to the intoxicating uncertainties of personal freedom for those few who choose to escape it.

Technical Summary
Production Companies: Bunburry Films
Media Ontic
Year: 2008
Lenght: 52 min.
Director: Eric R. Scott
Producers: Frederic Bohbot
Evan Beloff
Editing: Carl Freed
DOP: Kieran Crilly
Sound Recording: Toby W. Richardson
Original Music: Basya Schechter

Press and Media

The release of “Leaving the fold” is hailed by La Presse

The release of “Leaving the fold” is hailed by La Presse

Presentation of “Leaving the Fold” in Melbourne

Presentation of “Leaving the Fold” in Melbourne

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